• Genetics


    The Genetics Unit of the Center for Cardiovascular Genetics investigates what genes are associated with sudden cardiac death, using Sanger sequencing tools and Next Generation Sequencing. The CGC works on different projects, both on polygenic and on monogenic diseases. See more

Basic electrophysiology

  • Basic electrophysiology

    Basic Electrophysiology

    The electrophysiological studies are crucial in the investigation of diseases in which a genetic defect resulting in abnormal functioning of the electrical properties of the heart. In such disorders, genes are studied genes encoding ion channels or other proteins related to the function of these. The mutations detected by screening specific breed in heterologous systems to be able to study possible alterations in the function of ion channels.

    The study of changes in the electrical properties of these channels, caused by mutations provides information essential to confirm the... See more


  • Histology

    Histology Unit

    Histology is the science that studies all about the cells at the microscopic level. The first histological investigations were possible by the year 1600, when the microscope was used for anatomical studies. The optical instrumentation currently available allows a more accurate observation of all types of samples, from the macroscopic structural organization to an observer intracellular level.

    The Histology Unit at the Cardiovascular Genetics Centre is equipped with the necessary tools to carry out a wide range of histochemical and immunohistochemical analysis. Also, we can mark... See more

Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research

    Clinical research

    The Center for Cardiovascular Genetics is involved in several projects related to cardiovascular health. The CGC investigating new ways to spread the good health habits in schools and new ways to control risk factors for cardiovascular disease. However participates in the detection of new risk factors for sudden death prevention projects in sudden death and its aftermath in the community. See more

Molecular Biology

  • Molecular Biology

    Molecular Cardiology

    While the basic knowledge about the fundamental molecules of life, such as DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites, has grown apace in recent decades, the study of the interactions between these molecules is generally much less developed, and is currently of great scientific interest.

    Group of Molecular Cardiology Cardiovascular Genetics Center study those genes and proteins, as well as the interactions between them, the abnormal function of which may be the cause of cardiovascular disease. Specifically, this unit is devoted to the study of cardiac ion channels that regulate the... See more

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