Research at GenCardio

Research at GenCardio

A center dedicated to the study of diseases associated with sudden death.

CGC's research aims to improve understanding of the basic mechanisms associated factors and causes of heart disease and sudden death and improve diagnostic tools, prevention and treatment.

This scientific area is divided into an area of research in an area of clinical and basic research.


The clinical research program leverages collaboration of hospitals and health centers to study the risk factors, possible treatments and prevention methods.


Studies to better understand the biological basis of diseases associated with sudden death. The laboratory is involved in several projects to understand the pathophysiological basis of sudden death from six major areas: genetics, epigenetics, histology, electrophysiology, membrane traffic and proteomics.

Cardiovascular Genetics Center
IDIBGI C/ Dr Castany s/n
Parc Hospitalari Martí i Julià (M-2)
17290 Salt, Girona
Tel: 872 987087